What Is It All About?

The link between Rare Earths and Thorium

Rare Earths and Thorium are linked at the mineralogical level. In order for the United States to participate in the modern economy of advanced material science related products, the U.S. must become a self- sufficient producer of these earth products at every level of the value chain. This is not possible without a radical change in U.S. policy regarding Thorium. To learn more about Thorium please visit Thorium Energy Alliance.

Rare Earth and U.S. Industrial & Energy Policy, ThREE Consulting and You

Rare Earths represent the only bridge between technologies of the past and the enhanced state of performance for most current technology. Rare Earths are comprised of the 15 Lanthanide Elements on the Periodic Table and the elements Scandium and Yttrium. Currently China controls 97% of the production for light rare earths and 99% of the global production for heavy rare earths. By leveraging its global monopoly China now commands and controls most of the value chain for heavy rare earths, including research, commercial development and IP (patents).

A Simple Solution

In one state alone a single mining industry dumps over 200% of our Nations annual rare earth resource requirements into tailings lakes each year – because of the Thorium.

Senate Bill S. 2006

These resources could be used to make the U.S. self-sufficient for all of our National Security and industrial needs. Instead, current regulatory issues related to the companion element Thorium force U.S. mining companies to dump this valuable resource into tailings lakes.

If the U.S. leads the world by developing a Centralized Rare Earth Cooperative that can accept Thorium bearing rare earths, the U.S. could become the global processor and producer of rare earths. As a supplier and processor of rare earths the U.S. would attract technology companies from around the world. These technology companies currently relocate into China due to the existing monopoly constraints on these materials. With a Centralized Rare Earth Cooperative all Thorium byproduct extracted during rare earth refining process can be safely stored and managed by a Federally Chartered Corporation with the responsibility to develop uses and markets for Thorium, including energy.

Congress must deal with this regulatory issue or surrender its place in the global economy as a technology leader. Congress has a legislative proposal in front of them now that can resolve our Nation’s dependence on China and put us on the path to rare earth and energy independence. To learn more about how the U.S. can create a fully integrated rare earth value chain inside the U.S. and initiate the development of clean, safe, emission free, alternative energy please view this video.