Who Is James Kennedy?









Mr. Kennedy is an internationally recognized expert on the economic, national security and geopolitical ramifications of China’s rare earth monopoly and thorium nuclear energy systems.


ThREE Consulting provides consulting services related to rare earths and thorium within the U.S. regulatory environment.


Currently: Consultant to the U.S. Government, financial, mining and energy industry on strategic issues related to rare earths and thorium within the U.S. regulatory environment.


Mr. Kennedy is the leading advocate for the development of a fully integrated rare earth value chain inside the U.S through the creation and development of a Centralized Rare Earth Refinery. Mr. Kennedy is also a leading advocate for the rationalize thorium regulations and energy policy within the U.S. Mr. Kennedy works with other interested parties on passing federal legislation to end China’s rare earth monopoly and initiate the commercial development of thorium energy systems in the United States. Mr. Kennedy has worked with the U.S. Congress, advised the current Administration and Pentagon on rare earth issues and thorium energy issues.

Learn about the link between Rare Earths and Thorium. Watch Video

Reviewing the hazards of maintaining the current U.S. Thorium policiy. Watch Video


Legislative contributions include ongoing work with the current Congress, Senate bill S. 2006 and House bill H.R. 4883 in the 113th Congress, and bills, amendments and legislative input into various rare earth and energy bills as far back as the 111th Congress.

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Mr. Kennedy worked on legislation with Senator Bond in the 111th Congress that would promote a Domestic Rare Earth Cooperative that would accept Thorium bearding rare earth concentrates. Read more.

Mr. Kennedy was asked to speak at Oak Ridge National Laboratory regarding the link between rare earths and Thorium. Oak Ridge was a key nuclear research facility, part of the Manhattan Project, during World War II.